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Chile - Information

Size: 756 950 km²
Population: 17,363,894 (July 2014)
Population density: 23 E / km²
Government: Presidential
Neighbours: Argentina, Peru, Bolivia
Coast Length: 6435 km
Capital: Santiago de Chile
Street network: 80,651 km (right),

Currency: Chilean Peso (CLP)
1 CLP = 100 centavos

Currency rates:

1 EUR = 793.14 CLP
100 CLP = 0.12608 EUR
CHF 1 = 724.26 CLP
100 CLP = 0.13807 CHF
(Exchange of 01.12.2016)
Phone Area code: +56
Time zones: UTC-4
Voltage: 220 V
Seasons are those of the northern hemisphere opposite

  • Spring: Sep. to Nov.

  • Summer: Dec. to Feb.

  • Autumn: March to May

  • Winter: June to August


Chile is located in the southwest of South America.
It is bordered to the west and South by the Pacific Ocean, to the north by Peru, to the northeast Bolivia and Argentina to the east and the Atlantic Ocean.
In addition, it includes the territory in the Pacific islands located, such as Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and the Juan Fernández Islands (Including the Robinson Crusoe Island).

Chile has almost everything to offer:
Beautiful beaches on the Pacific Ocean, the mountainous region of the Andes (in winter a paradise for Skiers), dreamy islands, a portion of Antarctica and the Atacama Desert.

Travel within Chile

It us usual to travel by flight within Chile.
Even Domestic flights are due to the large distances in some recommended itineraries.
For many traivel destinations airports are ávailable near.

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